• We are Týnská 9

    Café & Bar
  • An inspiring place ...

  • ... hidden from crowds ...

  • ... where time stood still.

  • Just take a seat ...

  • ... and enjoy ...

  • ... the unique atmosphere ...

  • ... and beautiful environment.

  • A Quiet Place

    The calm yard with no reproduced music provides a shelter from the rush of the downtown.

  • In the Heart of Prague

    You can find us just 100 meters far from the Old Town Square, the very centre of Prague.

  • Local Products

    We are the right place where you can have Prague's local beer, near-made ciders or fine Moravian wine.

Way more

than an ordinary café.

We are social


  • WiFi

    The Internet has become an inseparable part of our lives. And of course WiFi is available in our café.

  • Guerilla Bookshelf

    Have you ever wanted to be able to exchange a book for another one once you have finished reading it? Well, this is a place exactly for that.

  • Board games

    Do you like to play? If you do, we have various board games at hand in our café.

  • Shisha

    For some of us, shisha became a necessary companion in summer months and we wouldn't skimp on you.

  • Apartments accommodation

    Apart from the café, we provide nice and calm accommodation in fully equipped, vintage apartments with unique atmosphere in the same building PragueSiesta.com.

  • Bitcoins

    Do you find traditional currencies a bit worn out? We are happy to accept your Bitcoin payment!

  • Events

    Are you looking for a space where to share your trip photos with friends? Would you like to organise an art show? Feel free to ask us. Data projector available.

  • Art

    The café functions as a home gallery, with occasional vernissages. Most of the authors are our friends.

  • Cityspy Maps

    In the café, we will be happy to provide you with free CitySpy Map and loads of advice where to go (and where not to).

  • Bio honey

    Last but not least, you can buy local organic honey at our place.


On a little back street, almost on the Old Town Square, is a magical place, an oasis of silence. A yard with a well and ivy climbing up the walls. In the yard, there is a cosy little café. It has an arched ceiling and the tables are covered with colourful tablecloths. If you come here after dark, you will be greeted by floating fairy lights. If you arrive in daylight, you will see a colourful scenery made up of flowers. This is where our family and friends work. We work here because we like meeting and talking to people, and we like to offer them something nice to drink and to eat. If you come over, you might bump into someone sharing photographs from their journey, or witness one of the art shows that regularly take place there. We kindly invite you to come and enjoy the atmosphere of this unique space.

Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm



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